Learn about the Hungarian College for Advanced Studies in Bratislava

The Hungarian College for Advanced Studies in Bratislava (PMSZ) is a higher education institution offering interdisciplinary courses and programmes in a variety of areas. Our mission is to support a new generation of young Hungarian students of Slovakia who are ready to deepen their professional knowledge through acquiring new competences. While supplementing their university education, our programmes aim to help develop students’ apprehension of social and economic sciences. We compose such a unique education curriculum which contributes to grow to their full potential.

Pozsonyi Magyar Szakkollégium épülete a Kapucinus utcai 5. cím alatt.

Get the most out of your stay for Erasmus in Bratislava

Are you a future student of Erasmus in Bratislava? Our institution offers stay and programmes for Erasmus students in Bratislava. Get in touch with us to learn more about your options.

Get the real experience of Bratislava’s Old Town during your stay. In our dormitory of 30 students, we offer selected Erasmus students stay and insight into our programmes. During your stay you will be accommodated in a double room with its own restroom and kitchen isle. Other services, such as WiFi, washing machine, microwave oven, study room, library and printer are free to use.  

More than a dormitory

Our institution is much more than a student dormitory or a higher education institution. It means to be a home for a community of talented young people. The establishment is the first of its kind in Slovakia. We take pride in cultivating our students a creative mindset to invent, discover and create value for the benefit of society.

Our values

Our key values are to be creative, to possess social responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. Our community pays a great deal of attention to foster better understanding of the world of today and to help our members to become responsible leaders of tomorrow. The College for Advanced Studies is aspiring to become a community of like-minded friends, a nest for professional development and a democratic initiative of committed students. We do not simply offer student accommodation, but we also seek to create bonds that last a lifetime.


A Pozsonyi Magyar Szakkollégium tanulmányi vezetője, Voda Zsófia.

Voda Zsófia

Managing director

As Director, she is responsible for the operational management and representation of the College.

Jablonský Benjamin, tanulmányi vezető.

Jablonský Benjamin

Curriculum leader

As curriculum leader, he is responsible for coordinating the institution’s study programmes and helping students to progress.

Horváth Rebecca, a Pozsonyi Magyar Szakkollégium diákelnöke 2024-ben.

Rebecca Horváth

Student body president

Born in Hubice, student of molecular plant biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava. As student president, she coordinates the work of the student council and represents the interests of the student body in the internal forums of the institution.

Educational Advisory Council

The Advisory Council oversees the quality of the educational programme to ensure its effectiveness in meeting the students’ needs. The Director and the Educational Leader are ex officio members of the Council. For current members see our About page.

Board of Trustees of the Pro Collegio Posoniensi Foundation

The College for Advanced Studies is maintained by the Pro Collegio Posoniensi Foundation. The aim of its members is to monitor the institution’s goals, plans and operation and provide feedback.

Feedback from our students

Csápai Ádám

"At the College for Advanced Studies I received a huge amount of support from our lecturers and fellow students. As a member I gained enriching experiences, that only a few people of my age have the opportunity to receive. I met a great deal of interesting people, formed strong friendships with students all of whom left marks on my life and helped to shape my personality and extend my knowledge. I encountered diverse ways of thinking about and dealing with the world."

Nagy Zsófia

"The lectures contributed in a decisive way to widen my horizon and helped me to be able to reflect on different subjects. They set me on the path to be more intellectual. In my case, the courses offered by the PMSZ shaped my world view and provided me with an incentive to reach my full potential."

Melecsky Kristóf

"The friendly environment and the closeness to my university mean a lot to me personally. It's a great feeling that when I return at evenings, I’m not only arriving at a dorm, but also a place I dare to call "home." Belonging to a community that inspires you and gives you empowerment is very important."

Réka Balaskó

"Thanks to the rhetoric lectures I received at the College for Advanced Studies, the knowledge of how to deliver an attention-grabbing presentation is in my pocket. I do not become stressed any longer when I have to make a speech in public. Being part of the PMSZ is an opportunity like no other."

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